BGC English examples

Once all of the objectives in the Anchor Standard #1,  ASL Benchmark #1 have been mastered the teacher introduces the English Benchmark #1 Subject Concept development. Now students look at the English work with an ADVANTAGE. They already learned about the concepts that define "Subject" of a sentence in the ASL class. Now they are simply applying what they know to English sentences.

Our goal, and what we have seen students say when they get to the English work is:

                                                              "THIS IS SO EASY!"

Here is Anchor Standard #1, Benchmark #1 English Sentence Subject Concept Development, objectives: Given a written sentence, identify the WHO the sentence is about. Given a written sentence, identify the WHAT the sentence is about. Given a written sentence, identify the subject and identify whether it is a WHO or a WHAT. Define, categorize and list WHO subjects as “PERSON” (i.e. the person the sentence is about). Define, categorize and list WHAT subjects as “NOT PERSON”. Given a range of written sentences, identify the subject and state whether the subject is a WHO or a WHAT. Given a written predicate and two potential written subjects (one WHO and one WHAT), match the appropriate subject to the predicate. Given a singular written subject and three potential written predicates, select the one predicate that best fits in order to form a complete sentence. 

English BGC worksheets

Click here to see examples pages of supplementary English worksheets for use after the instructional lessons.