Consulting and Professional Development Services

Kristin Di Perri, Ed.D.

​Dr. Di Perri has 37 years in the field of Deaf Education. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a Masters in Deaf Education and a Doctorate in Developmental Studies: Literacy, Language and Culture from Boston University. Additionally she continued taking other graduate courses to further her understanding of the literacy development process. She spent a summer in Norway at an International university program taking classes in special education and language development. Learning never ends…there is always something more to learn…always...

She taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for 12 years in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. She continues to work part in the Boston University Masters in Deaf Education program. Courses taught include:

  • Instructional Strategies 
  •  Literacy Development with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children 
  • Topics Seminar- Bilingual Literacy Development Strategies for D/HH students
  • Literacy Seminar-Assessment

She worked as the English Literacy Coordinator in conjunction with the ASL Coordinator at a residential school for the Deaf for 5 years. Consulting work includes collaboration on a 5-year Title 1, Race to the Top and USAID grants. 

Dr. Di Perri has done many presentations both at home and abroad. Examples of workshops include:

  • ​Inference and the Impact on Reading Comprehension
  • Aligning the Common Core State Standards with Necessary Underlying Language Proficiencies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students​
  • Reading for Meaning: Challenges with Vocabulary Instruction
  • Visually Based Literacy Strategies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students​
  • Empowering Reluctant English Users: Instructional Strategies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students that Maximize Cognitive Strengths Through Visually-based Activities​
  • Content Area Reading: Integrating Literacy Activities Without Compromising Core Concept Development 
  • Beginning Writers: Independent from the Start! ​
  • Meta-Linguistic Literacy Tasks: Strengthening Cognitive Flexibility in Deaf Students​
  • I See What You Mean: Teaching Deaf Students to Visualize English Grammar
  • The Grammatical Expressive Competency Rating (GECR)- Effective Assessment and Instructional Direction for Foundational Elements in Written English

Dr. Di Perri consults with many schools/programs across the United States and abroad. She is most interested in a professional development model that allows her to show teachers, through classroom modeling, rather than telling them how to adapt their instruction. Additionally, what works is what is imperative in the process. Teachers are inundated with a "try this" approach to professional development opportunities--and often by people who have never taught a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child! Not only is this often an ineffective use of everyones time, it inevitably results in frustrated teachers and their students who are no farther ahead.

In general most professional development trainings are done via webinars. This is not only cost effective but also allows schools/programs to provide follow up meetings with teachers.

If interested in these services please send an email to: